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Something Scrumptious



Come and meet Aya and Ryo, two hardworking men who live very far apart. They fell in love on vacation one day and have been in a long distance relationship ever since. 

Living apart is hard, but they do visit one another every month or so to check in on their lover. The simplest things, like eating, can turn out to be such a turn on after weeks on end without another warm body to hold. Listen to how these two men deal with delicacies and distance!

Fandom: Original
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: Reversible/Switch/Versatile Couple, Fun with Food, Osaka Dialect, Long Distance Relationship, Age Gap
Distribution: Digital 

Production: B.sakuraCH

Script and Original Novel: Kaede Kaitou

Track 1 - Warm and Fluffy 1 2:54

Ryo heads out on a trip to visit his lover, Aya in Kanto.

Track 2 - Warm and Fluffy 2 9:36

Time to chow down on more than just one bun.

Warnings: Fun with Food, Shower Denial, Frotting, Blowjobs

Track 3 - Warm and Fluffy 3 2:26

The aftermath.

Track 4 - Cold And Sweet 1 4:39

POV change to Aya. Ryo insists on visiting once more despite the fact Aya has a test soon.

Track 5 - Cold And Sweet 2 12:18

Ryo cleans up around the house while Aya studies. Unfortunately, he's not being as quiet as he promised.

Warnings: Domestic Partner, Alcohol Mentions, Temperature Play, Arguments, Fingering, Rough Play

Track 6 - Cold And Sweet 3 3:40

The aftermath.

Also Included:​

  • Title Image

  • Credits

35 Minutes of Content!
Rating: 18+

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