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Want to share our books on your Social Media?

We're glad you do!

A few ground rules first though.

The way we distribute our products is defined specifically by the artist. 

That means some books may be digital or print only. We ask that you please respect the wishes of the artist with us, and help us keep their products in the form they want them distributed in. 

Print titles:

We provide sample pages on our website. Just click Artist and choose the artist of the book you want!
Please feel free to use these in your posts or tweets. (Heck! Even tag us! We love to chat!)
They're high quality versions of the original files, so please, please, PLEASE, do not scan your books and post them. We want your books to stay in tip-top shape and loved in your collection, as does the artist! 

Desperate to share a certain panel? Snap a shot! But do not upload full pages other than the ones we provide.
(And just in case someone is going to be that person, don't snap a panel at a time and share the whole book.)

Digital titles:
Similar rules apply for the digital files too. Feel free to share the pages we provide, or snippets of other panels.
Be careful about spoiling the story for everyone else! Some of our books have major twists at the end! ;D Everyone should get the chance to experience that surprise on their first read through too.

Not abiding by the above will affect the opportunity of getting to release other books by the artist!
So please, help us in keeping the artist happy and willing to share their work with the western market!

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