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Love Struck

Love Struck

Giichiro is your typical Japanese salary man. Day in and day out, he goes to work, and stays late before going home. The only true way to deal with the exhaustion that builds up from that pattern for him is sweets. One day, when buying those sweets, he passes out. Thankfully for him the shop clerk Yusuke, son of the owner, takes him somewhere to rest. But when he wakes up, a new new surprise awaits as it seems this youngster fell in love at first sight!
With a teen pulling out all the stops, will Giichiro give in? Or will Yusuke face his first heart break? Experience the story from the perspectives of both boys!

Fandom: Original
Pages: 38
Rating: 15+
Kinks/Warnings: Age gap, Delinquent, Jealousy, Will they won't they

Distribution: DIGITAL

Artist: Shivatora

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