Shalion Garden


Sion is the god of the forest where he lives with his human partner, Rayne. Rayne teaches him the ways of the humans, their words and how they live. One day the pair come across an injured wolf in the forest. This wolf is enthralled by the forest god, and asks him to be friends with him.

After Sion agrees, Teo the wolf comes to see him every night of the full moon, a night when he can transform into a human form. Teo is curious as to why the god would be with a human, and Sion begins to tell him about the things Rayne has taught him. Including this curious concept of "love." As Teo begins to understand the meaning of "love" he finds he may already feel it for someone... 

Fandom: Original
Pages: 101
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings:  Animals do fight and get injured in this book.
Animals, Anthropomorphic Animals (ears, tail, nails), Fantasy, Art, Love Triangle, One sided love, Friendship, Rejection, Sprinkle of Praise Kink
Distribution: DIGITAL

Artist: Aoi Sora

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