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Beautiful Flowers Have Thorns


Yoshioka is worn down. He wakes up, goes to work, comes home, sleeps, rinse and repeat. Ultimately, it leads to him passing out which lets him meet his beautiful next-door neighbor, Keito Minazuki (also known as Kei). Having made the worst first impression, Yoshioka gives in when Kei offers to start cooking for him. He establishes a new norm that includes going to Kei's place for a meal every evening. Unfortunately, Yoshioka doesn't realize this is all part of Kei's plan...

Fandom: Original
Pages: 41
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: Sex under the influence, Fingering, Blowjobs, Omorashi, >One secret one but: This is not a healthy relationship warning<
Distribution: DIGITAL

Artist: Reo

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