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Halloween Night


A Halloween special about the High School rock band, WINGS! Meet the characters from Reon Sakura's long running WINGS stories in this, their Halloween Night show. What kind of costumes await? And what trouble do those costumes get Hikaru in? What waits our heroes in the end? A trick or treat...?

Fandom: Original
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: Costumes, Cross Dressing (Drag), Hickeys, Non-con/Rape Situations (Track 4 specifically),  Possessive Boyfriend, Profanity, Costume Malfunctions
Distribution: Digital

Artist: Reon Sakura

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Track 1- Is Cosplay Required? 7:56

An introduction to the Halloween Night Event and the reveal of what outfit each character will be in, and their reaction.

Track 2- The Locker Room Incident  6:08

The costume reveal! What kind of reactions will there be? 

Warnings: Possessive Boyfriend, Costumes, Cross Dressing, Profanity, Heavy Petting, Hickeys

Track 3- WINGS Live on Halloween Night 6:03

Actual concert content (Includes song)

Warnings: Lots of Cheering, Costumes, Mentions of Drag, Possibly Sensitive Wording about Sexual Preference, Profanity

Track 4- The Dangerous Werewolf in the Men's Restroom 6:36

A surprise attack in the restroom.

Warnings: NON-CON/RAPE SITUATION, Costumes (And Malfunctions), Animalistic Appearances, Victim Blaming Mentions 

The above information is plenty to skip the track and still follow the story.

Track 5- Who is the Real Big Bad Wolf? 4:10

Hikaru Learns what Trick or Treat means.

Warnings: Victim Blaming Mentions, Costume Malfunctions, Possessive Boyfriend, Profanity

Track 6- Voice Actor Free Talk 5:24

Track 7- Halloween Night Commercial (Released as a Preview) 1:29

Also Included:

  • Bonus Art x 4 images

  • The original image used in every track (5 Images)

  • 2 page extra

  • Extra images created for the CD print release! (5 images)

  • Credits

37 Minutes of Content!
Rating: 18+

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