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Misumi and Maru, Part 1


A teacher asks Maru, top of class, to hang back and teach a remedial student. Unfortunately for Maru, they mix much like water and oil. As popular as he is dumb, Misumi is very open about what he wants. Now he's found someone who looks like his precious Momitan, he'll spare no expense in order to get hold of them. Maru is desperate to move out and find his independence, but how much is he willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal?
Will these two very differently shaped boys ever be able to fit in the same box? 

Fandom: Original
Pages: 39
Rating: 15+
Kinks/Warnings: Comedy, Kissing pre-relationship, Jealousy, Weaponizing looks, Clingy, School setting, Dub-con, Will they won't they

Distribution: DIGITAL

Artist: Tiame Hareno

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