Magenta Dreaming


Saiki now free of his powers, his relationship with Toritsuka is a whole new experience. Both have new insecurities, as well as new desires, but how will they act on them?

Fandom: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Pairing: Saiki/Toritsuka
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: Blow job, Toritsuka is too adorable to handle, A sprinkle of angst.
Distribution: PRINT ONLY -> Exclusively released in the October 2020

Artist: Iro Hoshino
Circle: Meteorite Box

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Twilight Moon ~Heal Me with your Pain~

(Co-sleeper who reads people) X (A traumatized mute man)

Ayato Tsukina, stage name Luna, is a co-sleeper who works at Soirée. He’s popular among female customers as he has the reputation of being able to read minds.

After getting a request, he heads to a certain hotel only to meet an old classmate whom he used to have feelings for Yuzuru Hinata. Despite the reunion, Yuzuru doesn’t remember him and can’t speak anymore.

Ayato, hiding behind his Luna persona, finds the source of Yuzuru’s trauma, and reads through to his desires in order to make Yuzuru his own.

Fandom: Original
Rating: 18+
Kinks/Warnings: Consider this title a light BDSM work! Slapping, Light choking, consent is frequently asked for!, Co-sleeping, Sleep noises, possessivenessNot main but other warnings to be aware of: Student/teacher relationships, body dysmorphia 
Distribution: DIGITAL

Original Draft/Illustration: Iro Hoshino

Writing/Direction: Microwavable
Voice Cast: Ayato: Mitsuhashi               Yuzuru: Yuuya Haremori

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